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First time in history the name Rönningberg was mentioned is the year 1424. On a parchment letter, dated November 28, 1424, the man Skofwe in Remisbergh is witnessing that WilhelmBjörnsson sells Hälle in Trång to Bjorn Ottarsson
(JHD I: 179).
The next time that the village is mentioned is April 28,1479
As witnessed byJon in Remisbergh a sister part of the farm Bye, Mörsil have been sold (JHD II: 13).
In 1529 Gunnar in Remmensbergh witness the sale of Truvbacken, Alsen. (JHD III: 146). The land book for the year 1546 mentioned Gunnar again. He Gunnar or Gunder named probably Hemmingsson was from Nordbyn. He also owned half of Trång and were a large landowner.

JHD is short for Jämtland and Härjedalen Diplomatarium.
The Diplomatarium comes in three parts and describes all known parchment letters from 1257-1530.
In these parchment letters there is much knowledge about our villages and farms.


Text: Roger Tjernström, Curt Lofterud


  • The name Remisbergh, Remnesbergh and other spellings deemed under Onomastics researchers come from the swedish word Rem which means sandy ridge. The word is sometimes spelled Rom as in Rommen located in Mörsil. During the 1560s attributed to our villagename being spelled, Römisbergh, the Sand Mountain. The word Rönning means clearing. Perhaps one can imagine that the word Römesbergh uttered when some careless secretary from Norway, Denmark or Sweden would write the village's name and it became Rönningberg instead Römesberg.
    It could not be easy to be "foreign"secretary and meet people who talked genuine dialect.

    There are other interpretations, they can be read in Bertil Flemström: Jämtländska ortnamn
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